The acronym DEMCOPEM-2MW is derived from the words DEMonstration, COmbined heat and power (or Cogeneration), PEM fuel cells and 2 Mega Watt electrical power (MWe).

The Concept of DEMCOPEM-2MW is to explicitly demonstrate the feasibility, reliability, and availability of PEM fuel cells in a large scale stationary application of at least 2 MWe in China. The demonstration will take place in the industrial environment of a chemical factory.

In the chlorine industry hydrogen of high quality is often available at low or zero cost, and the heat and electrical power from hydrogen can be directly fed into the plant’s production process. PEM fuel cell power and heat will be delivered at the industrial level of 2 MW electrical power (MWe) and 1.5 MW of heat.

It is clean, silent, and non-polluting. The exhaust product, pure water, is also utilized in the process. The commercial viability of PEM fuel cells in competition with thermal machines is best demonstrated in the chlor-alkali industry in China because in this industry the value of the PEM fuel cell electrochemical power is highest. This is due to the relatively high electricity prices in most areas in China. These are up to 2 times higher than in Europe and rising. Also, the common shortage of electricity supply in China in certain periods of the year contributes positively to the business case via the contribution margin of additional chlorine production in these periods.

However, to create real interest for the PPP in China a successful demonstration of PPP in China is needed. After a successful demonstration 20-50 PEM Power Plants of at least 2 MWe for H2 conversion from chlor-alkali plants in the coming 5-8 year is a realistic scenario for the market introduction phase in China.

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