Results within the DEMCOPEM-2MW project

Summary of Project Technical Results

Summary of Project Technical Results (and evaluation) Design, build and operate a 2MW power generator with: Integration of heat and power with an existing chlorine production plant -> Achieved Heat available @ 60°C, but not used Additional treatment hydrogen / air required; H2 scrubber installed High net conversion efficiency, i.e. > 50% electric energy on system... Read more
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The results within the DEMCOPEM-2MW project have been divided in 7 different categories, please click the category to view the available reports. Most of the reports are confidential (CO), in those cases only a public summary is available, which can be quite short. Result categories Design of the PEM fuel cell system Modelling of process,... Read more
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Dissemination of project results

General public information regarding the DEMCOPEM-2MW project, like public reports, newsletters, etc. is to be downloaded below. Presentation – Download the general DEMCOPEM presentation here Logo – Download the DEMCOPEM-2MW logo here Newsletters – Download the DEMCOPEM-2MW newsletters below: April 2016 August 2016 June 2017 Public reports – Download the public periodic reports below: Progress report first period (month... Read more
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4 Newsletters have been issued within the DEMCOPEM project. Click here to read them all. Share this information via: LinkedinTwitterFacebookemailPrint
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MEA Development for a 2MWe PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant Fuelled with By-product Hydrogen from the Chlor-Alkali Process, and its Design, Build and Operation @EuCheMS 2018 By: Dr Paddy Hayes, Johnson Matthey – EuCheMS2018-DEMCOPEM Nedstack’s PEM fuel cell technology in the Chlor-Alkali industry @Chinese chlor-alkali conference 2018 By: Jorg Coolegem – CCAC2018-DEMCOPEM Modeling, development and preliminary... Read more
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