Important project milestone has been achieved: successful FAT with customer

A delegation of the Chinese customer has visited Arnhem, the Netherlands to receive training and perform tests on the 2 MW PEM Power Plant. At the end of the period a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) was performed.

NEDSTACK_Cell Voltage Monitoring

The complete unit, with all six fuel cell groups in operation, supplying almost 400 kW during FAT

After construction of the 2 MW PEM Power Plant at the MTSA facilities and installation of Nedstack’s fuel cell stacks into the unit it was extensively tested. The unit will operate fully automated, so first PLC and Cell Voltage Monitoring (CVM) software were verified and tuned. A temporary test infrastructure was constructed allowing to test the unit. Although it was not possible to test the unit at full capacity, virtually all functionalities could be tested applying a substantial part load.

The Demcopem-2MW unit consists of six fuel cell groups of each four modules. Each group generates 340 kWe. These groups have all been individually tested at their nominal capacity. The unit was also tested with all groups simultaneously in operation at part load, reaching a total fuel cell output of almost 400 kWe.

After finalizing training and testing, the unit was shipped to China.

Chinese customer testing the 2 MW installation via the Scada system