The main objective of the four years DEMCOPEM-2MW project is to design, build and operate a 2 MW power generator, with the following attributes:

  • Full integration of heat and power with an existing chlorine production plant
  • High net conversion efficiency, i.e. > 50% electric energy on system level and > 85% for combined heat and power
  • Long lifetime of system and fuel cells, i.e. over 2 years (16,000 hrs) for fuel cell stacks without any need for repair or maintenance of the membranes. The long-term target is 5 years (40,000 hrs) for fuels cell stacks
  • Fully automated way of operation and remote control
  • Economical design to reach a competitive price, i.e. < €2,500 / kWe with potential for reaching < € 1,500/kWe in 2020. With membrane lifetime of 5 years and high volume series (> 25 MWe/y) production the cost price of the electricity produced with a PEM power plant is estimated to drop from 0,075 to below 0,04 Euro/kWh.
  • Demonstration of power and heat generation for over 2 years i.e. on-stream availability of > 95% for over 16,000 hours, in line with the Annual Implementation Plan 2013 objectives
  • Contribute to the general goals of the JTI FCH, as stated in the revised Multi Annual Implementation Plan, to have > 5 MW @ € 3,000/kW installed fuel cell capacity in 2015 and > 50 MW @ € 1,500/kW installed fuel cell capacity in 2020.