Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Ltd (JMFC) is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of fuel cell catalysts, membrane electrode assemblies and other catalysed components to fuel cell developers worldwide.  Parent company, Johnson Matthey plc, has been at the forefront of research in fuel cell technology for many years and has invested in world-class research, testing and manufacturing facilities in the UK.  The company has developed and supplied a significant proportion of the fuel cell catalysts for the major alkaline, phosphoric acid (PAFC) and proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) programmes of the last thirty years.  In 2002, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells Ltd. was formed to bring together the Group’s fuel cell expertise into a separate subsidiary company.  JMFC employs 150 staff in the UK, and several in the US and Japan.  JMFC is now a leading supplier of electrodes and MEAs for both low temperature PEMFC and direct methanol fuel cell applications and high temperature phosphoric acid based fuel cell systems. Over 50% of the staff are professional technical personnel with science and engineering qualifications, working in research, product and process development. JMFC has participated in, and led, a number of UK Technology Strategy Board, US Department of Energy and EU funded collaborative R&D projects (including QuasiDry, MAESTRO and CATAPULT in FP7), and has well-established support groups (administrative, financial and legal) within the organisation to manage the contribution to these programmes and ensure successful delivery of the contractual requirements.

Country: UK

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