Summary of Project Technical Results

Summary of Project Technical Results (and evaluation)

Design, build and operate a 2MW power generator with:

  • Integration of heat and power with an existing chlorine production plant -> Achieved
    • Heat available @ 60°C, but not used
    • Additional treatment hydrogen / air required; H2 scrubber installed
  • High net conversion efficiency, i.e. > 50% electric energy on system level and > 85% for combined heat and power -> Achieved 50% electric energy, achieved 80% of combined heat and power
  • Demonstration of power and heat generation for over 2 years -> Achieved
  • On-stream availability of > 95% for over 16.000 hrs -> Achieved
    • Influenced by OSBL (H2/grid availability) and stacks but demonstrated Q’4 2017
  • Fully automated way of operation and remote monitoring -> Achieved
  • Investment < €2,500 / kWe -> Achieved (for €3,000 euro)

Other results and achievements:

  • The plant produced more than 13GWh and made available 7 GWh of thermal energy at 65˚C
  • More than 830 tons of hydrogen have been recovered avoiding emission of 14500 tCO2
  • New MEAs technology production developed (with lower Pt cost)
  • Developed open-source calculation tool for preliminary economical assessment.
  • Two project workshops successfully organised in China
  • Several publications and presentations at conferences.